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The Spanish tile sector is one of the most dynamic and innovative in Spain. Within the world tile sector, it is a leader in technological developments, design and quality service.

Find out the statistics for the Spanish ceramic wall and floor tile sector. An industry with a high capacity for exports and a leader in quality and innovation.

The Spanish tile sector

The Spanish tile sector makes an important contribution to the economies of the Valencia region and Spain as a whole. The tile sector accounts for 19.7% of the Valencia region’s industrial GDP and over 23% of the province of Castellón’s total GDP. The tile cluster is an important driving force, with a multiplier effect, since for every euro that the sector contributes directly to the GDP, an additional indirect 2.9 euros are also generated (2021 data).

Furthermore, the sector accounts for 14.3% of all industrial employment in the Valencia region and 21.2% of all employment in the province of Castellón.  For each direct job in the sector, 3.9 additional indirect jobs are added to the Spanish economy.

(Data from the PwC report “The Socioeconomic and Fiscal Impact of the Wall and Floor Tile Sector in Spain”, based on information for 2021).

sector eminentemente exportador

A sector with the emphasis on exports

Exports account for 75% of its global turnover and domestic sales for the remaining 25%. The tile sector is the third biggest contributor to Spain’s trade balance. Our products can be found in almost 190 countries, thanks to distinguishing hallmarks such as the sector’s long experience and knowhow.

clúster cerámico

The tile cluster

One of the main characteristics of the Spanish tile sector is the high concentration of manufacturers in the province of Castellón, particularly in the area demarcated by Alcora and Borriol to the north, Onda to the west, Nules to the south, and Castellón de la Plana to the east. About 94% of all Spain’s tiles are made in the province, where 80% of the companies from the sector can be found.

empleo de calidad y estable

High-quality, stable employment

In conjunction, the Spanish tile sector provides direct employment to an estimated 15,000 workers in companies that are mainly small or medium in size. 95% of employment is stable.

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Leaders in exports: Tile of Spain

Tile of Spain is the Spanish tile sector’s umbrella brand, used at all important sectoral promotional events both in Spain and abroad. Its main mission is to highlight the benefits of Spanish tiles and to foster their use by materials specifiers and distributors. The brand–which solely applies to Spanish tiles–promotes their superior design, sustainability and potential appeal to consumers.

In collaboration with bodies like ICEX Exportación Inversiones and IVACE, ASCER organizes promotional activities in the sector’s main target markets in order to boost the promotion of Spanish tiles among different groups, such as materials specifiers, distributors, tile layers and end consumers. These activities include communication and advertising campaigns, the organization of events, participation in fairs, market analyses, specific training and seminars.

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