Free training through activities organized as part of a collaboration agreement with the Valencia Ministry for Finance, in conjunction with the ITC, Castellón Chamber of Commerce and FUE-Uji among others, aimed at improving employability.

A network of Ceramic Tile Studies Departments at Schools of Architecture in Spain
In operation since 2004 at Spain’s foremost schools of architecture

As part of an initiative by ASCER and the Spanish Association of Tile & Building Material Distributors, ESVEC–the School of Tile Vendors–was created to train experts in the sale and specification of tile materials.

For decades, efforts have been made by ASCER to conduct analyses and studies of occupational hazards and preventive measures for application to the sector.

Various guides and manuals have been developed as a result of this work for the use of workers and other stakeholders:


convenio colectivo

Collective bargaining agreement

ASCER represents business employers in sectoral collective bargaining on labour relations in the ceramic tile manufacturing sector.

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Our aim is to put professionals and companies from the tile sector into contact with one another for their mutual benefit.

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Who are we?

ASCER is the Spanish Association of Wall and Floor Tile Manufacturers. It represents and defends the interests of its members in all spheres, seeking to foster the most advantageous framework for their business activities. The association currently represents virtually the whole of the Spanish ceramic tile sector.

What do we do?

ASCER is an organization aimed at the support, defence and promotion of the ceramic tile sector’s common and general interests. Its activities encompass areas in which joint action is either necessary or advisable since it could not be successfully done at an individual level by companies or only at a high cost.