Who we are

We are the Spanish Association of Wall and Floor Tile Manufacturers (ASCER). We represent and uphold the interests of member companies in dealings with institutions and different groups.

Founded in 1977, the association represents over 100 ceramic tile manufacturers. Its member companies account for about 95% of all the country’s tile production. This makes ASCER one of the associations with the biggest sectoral coverage in Spain.   Our head offices are in Castellón de la Plana, since most of the tile sector is concentrated in this province, where it forms a tile cluster or industrial district.

We are a sector with a high degree of innovation and internationalization, and our products can be found in over 180 countries.  Thanks to ongoing developments in applied research, tile processes and tile products evolve, minimizing their possible environmental impacts while also fostering sustainable, circular building.

Governing board

ASCER’s highest governing body is its General Assembly, made up of all its members.  The Governing Board–elected every four years by the Assembly, with the renewal of half its members every two years–is responsible for carrying out activities in keeping with its members’ wishes and the association’s founder goals.

Organizational chart and complete composition of the Board of Governors.


How we can help members

Support in the field of internationalization and promotion

  • The promotion of tile products under the Tile of Spain name
  • Promotional and communication campaigns at a national and international level. See campaigns
  • The organization of international activities to promote the distribution and installation of tile products
  • Participation in international trade fairs
  • Direct marketing activities
  • The organization of seminars, directed at materials specifiers (architects, interior designers and the media)
  • Statistical data and information on access to different markets
  • Commercial representation in the event of trade barriers and other related obstacles. Have you come across a problem in a certain market? Contact us
  • Seminars and conferences for members and potential clients
  • Consultancy advice on marketing and communication. Contact
  • Market research (Download the NielsenIQ study)

HR support and staff training

The sector has a high ratio of staff with indefinite contracts (85%) and it generates stable, good-quality employment with a high demand for skilled technical workers.

  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements. See collective bargaining agreement
  • Training
  • Do you want to work in the sector? Employment portal
  • Information on occupational hygiene and safety

The association’s technical experts assist with problems relating to the production process and all pertinent legislation.

Energy, decarbonization, environmental authorizations, standardization, and legislation on markings are some of the main issues dealt with by ASCER’s technical unit:

  • The interpretation of regional, national and European regulations and legislation.
  • Assistance with the decarbonization process.
  • A study and analysis of new production processes and energy alternatives. See the analysis of the historical reduction of emissions prepared by ITC, and the analysis of alternatives for decarbonization prepared by CIRCE
  • Assistance with queries regarding certification and standardization
  • The drafting of sectoral documents and infographics showing the main indicators for the Spanish tile sector
  • Data on trends and sectoral reports with infographics, the yearly balance sheet
  • Market studies
  • A sectoral lobby, defending the sector’s interests in decision-making circles
  • Participation in consultative bodies and representative ones like Cerame-Unie, WCTF, CEOE, CEV etc.

What we do

ASCER is an organization aimed at the support, defence and promotion of the ceramic tile sector’s common and general interests. Its activities encompass areas in which joint action is either necessary or advisable since it could not be successfully done at an individual level by companies or only at a high cost.

In the association’s activities, a high degree of functional flexibility is required so that it can respond effectively to constantly changing scenarios. Hence, functional flexibility is the common denominator to ASCER’s work.

Our members

ASCER currently represents over 100 tile manufacturers. Through their business groups, these manufacturers encompass almost 200 different brands specializing in the manufacture, sale and distribution of ceramic tiles.  In economic terms, the companies that ASCER represents account for 95% of the sector’s total production in Spain.


















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Team of professionals

ASCER has a team of technical experts who specialize in areas of interest to its member companies, all coordinated by the association’s Secretary General.

Secretario General, Alberto Echavarría

Alberto Echavarría

Secretary General

Germán Belbis

Alejandra Miralles

Alejandra Miralles

Victoria Zaera

Victoria Zaera

Mireia Llinares

Mireia Llinares

Clarisa Vicedo

Clara Vicedo

Eva Pedrajas

Eva Pedrajas

Óscar Gaspar

Óscar Gaspar

Vanesa Moya

Vanesa Moya

Lola Martínez,  Coordinator.


Laura López, Beatriz Miravet y Cristina Aragonés

Join us

All small, medium-sized or large manufacturers of ceramic wall or floor tiles in Spain can join ASCER.

If you are a Spanish tile manufacturer and you would like to join ASCER, it is very easy. Just fill in the following form, send it to us and we will get in touch. You can also call us on this number: 964 727 200.

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Location and contact details

Ronda Circunvalación, 186
12003 Castellón

964 727 200


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