ASCER presents its annual accounts at CEVISAMA

Tile of SpainSector06 March 2023

Total sales point to 16.2% growth up to 5.538 million euros

ASCER, the Spanish Association of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile Manufacturers recently released at its international press conference at CEVISAMA its forecast for the 2022 year-end.

Concerning the total sales growth it points to rise by 16.2% up to €5.538 million. Over three quarters of the total sales correspond to the exports in 185 countries. Exports which represent the 77% of total sales, reached €4.273 million (+16.6%), a new sector record. Regarding the domestic market its growth continued rising by 15% and is estimated to reach €1.265 million by the close of 2022.

Despite being at a first sight positive figures, the president of ASCER wanted to clarify that “the increase in turnover is mainly due to the increase in the average price of the products that companies have applied to try to absorb part of the increase in production costs (basically of energy)”. 2022 has been greatly influenced by the energy crisis and the impact of the cost of gas on companies has been significant.

By regions, Europe remained the tile sector’s largest market between accounting for 50,5% of all exports. Among the ten main destinations, six are European: France (€482 million +21%), UK (€255 million, +27%), Italy (€194 million +41%), Germany (€172 million +31%), Portugal (€117 million, +33%) and Belgium (€104 million, +34%). They all registered positive growth rates in value but not the same in volume (sq. m.)

Exports to US, which ranks first on the list of Tile of Spain’s export markets, reached in 2022 €516 million (+15%).

Despite the fact that the foreign sales figures in value show positive results, the demand in some important markets suffers due to the rise in prices and the inflationary situation.

Regarding the prospects for 2023, Nomdedeu was cautious due to the uncertainties caused by the energetic crisis and Ukraine war.

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