ASCER in the UE

One of ASCER’s goals is to forge dialogue with European institutions and to monitor European policies that impact on industrial activities and those of the sector. ASCER is registered with the EU Transparency Portal under registration no. 385163645728-68.

ASCER was created in 1977 and, since its foundation, it has helped to forge links between Spanish and European companies. We are a very active part of CET (EUROPEAN CERAMIC TILE MANUFACTURERS FEDERATION) which in turn is a member of Cerame-Unie, the federation that represents Europe’s nine ceramic sectors. ASCER takes part in the European Ceramics Forum (EPCF), CET’s yearly congresses, where we hold a vice chairmanship; Cerame-Unie by participating in its Ceramic Days; and in get-togethers with the European Commission and European Parliament.

Through CET and Cerame-Unie, we are also represented in cross-cutting alliances with other industries, such as Industry4Europe and AEGIS Europe or networks like Nepsi.


Our commitments

The Spanish tile sector, represented by ASCER, is firmly committed to achieving a climate neutral Europe by 2050, cutting emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

Since 1980, the sector has reduced its CO2 emissions per m2 by 60% and we continue to strive to reduce the carbon footprint of production processes in order to ensure a sustainable, decarbonized environment. This calls for unprecedented efforts by all stakeholders, including public bodies.

ASCER supports the Fit For 55 package, as it will steadily foster greater use of renewable energies and more energy efficiency in the tile industry. However, it is essential for alternative low-carbon technologies to be widely available and for projects in the field of innovation to be financially backed by institutions.

Summary of the sectorial report “Environmental and circular analysis of Spanish ceramic tiles”



Who we are?

ASCER is the Spanish Association of Wall and Floor Tile Manufacturers. It represents and defends the interests of its members in all spheres, seeking to foster the most advantageous framework for their business activities. The association currently represents virtually the whole of the Spanish ceramic tile sector.

What do we do?

ASCER is an organization aimed at the support, defence and promotion of the ceramic tile sector’s common and general interests. Its activities encompass areas in which joint action is either necessary or advisable since it could not be successfully done at an individual level by companies or only at a high cost.